Aug 01

Would Adding A Freshwater Plant To My Cycling Aquarium Slow Down The Cycling Process?

I want to get a freshwater live plant to add to my aquarium that is currently cycling. I just do not know if this will mess with the “good” bacteria that should be growing in the tank? I also want to cycle my tank the fastest. Will the plant affect this at all?


  1. Pytr Pytr

    no it will not mess up cycling, but if you don’t have the appropriate lighting the plant will just rot and die, so it might not be something you want in your tank if you’re not ready for it. NOTE: make sure you understand what cycling really means, a lot of people don’t seem to understand it.

  2. KittyEli

    I don’t think the plant will effect the cycle much at all. If anything, it will help. Some easy starter plants you could try are: Amazon Swords, Jungle Val, and Java Fern. These 2 sites are good for plant ideas:http://www.aquaticjungles.com/aquarium-p…http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/aquar…

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