Jul 27

When Cycling A Fish Tank Should The Aquarium Light Be On?

I am currently cycling my new 6 Gallon which I am going to be putting a Betta in. I was wondering if the aquarium light has to be on during the process? I have it off right now as I do not want algae to grow in my tank while it is being cycled. Also, does the filter have to be on? My filter is off as my tank is only half full while it is cycling and I don’t want to damage the filter as my tank is only half full. And finally, is it ok to do water changes during cycling?


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  1. fritz377

    -The light can be off or on- doesn’t matter. (Personally I turn it on- to break in the light and possibly get some algae growth. In a healthy tank some algae growth is a good thing.) -The filter DOES need to be ON. That’s where a significant portion of the bacteria that grow during cycling will be developing. Furthermore you need the oxygenation and water movement it provides in the tank to keep it from becoming stagnant. -The tank should be full, and basically completely set up and running as if it had fish in it. -Water changes are technically okay, but they’re likely to impede the cycling process and aren’t really any reasons to perform them anyway if there are no fish/inverts in the tank.

  2. noseless

    The light does not need to be on. The filter needs to be on 24/7 you do not really cycle a tank, you cycle the filter. If the filter was off, you have to start from scratch. You should fill the tank up, the filter needs to stay wet and well airated or the biological bacteria will die. Algae usually grows while cycling a tank, if the light is off, you will probobly still get low light brown algae. Algae uses the ammonia and nitrite as fertilizer, algae is harmless, nitrite and ammonia are toxic. You can do 20-=40% water changes if you need to. Large water changes come with the risk of uncycling the tank. If you have fish in the tank you must do water changes to keep the ammonia and nitrite levals low. If you are fishless cycling, you may not need to do very many water changes at least not in the first few weeks. You need to get nitrates down to 20 before adding fish thogh.

  3. Fu-Tai

    haveing the tank light on or off does not make any diffrence

  4. George

    Yes, thats fine.

  5. Ben

    Yes, thats fine.

  6. Jacob

    I don’t think it makes a big difference.

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