Jul 25

What’s The Difference Between Mountain Biking And Cycling?

I have been doing indoor cycling at the gym for a long time and want to join a cycling club but don’t what to go for – mountain bikes or racing bikes. Maybe someone can tell me the major differences.


  1. Rike bider

    cycling is on the road(requires close to 0 skills), mountain biking is off road(requires a lot more skill)…

  2. Gman

    Joining a road racing-oriented club will involve frequent training rides on roads in your area. You will ride on a very light bike with very skinny wheels and distinctive “drop bar” handlebars, or “aero bars” to promote an aerodynamic riding position. You’ll train short and long distances, develop your abilities to climb, sprint, time trial and race as part of a group. Competitions involve time trials (races in which you ride by yourself against the clock) and road races (races in which you ride for an overall place) Joining a mountain biking club will involve trips to local off-road paths, downhill mountain slopes, and other generally untamed roadways. You’ll ride strong bikes with great suspension and fat, knobby tires. Competitions can involve different races on pre-determined trails, or you might never compete, and simply ride off-road for the love of it.

  3. ?

    Mountain Biking you ride literally in the mountains, it is 3x as hard as racing. I would do racing at first, then when your really good, then mtn bike

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