Jul 29

What Medications Do People With Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder Take?

I’m not planning to take these drugs. The only reason I ask is because I am writing a story and I’d like it to be as accurate as possible. So if you know someone with rapid cycling bipolar or have rapid cycling bipolar, then if you could list the meds they or you take I’d be forever grateful!!!!!

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  1. YA Junkie

    Hi, I have major depression and have met many people with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, there isn’t any magic bullet for rapid cycling or your question. As you probably know, people who are bipolar primarily take depakote, lithium and other mood stabilizers. Often, they also take antipsychotics like risperdal or zyprexa. To this mix, some take standard antidepressants. The extent mixture of drugs obviously depends on the person being treated and the psychiatrist. If you send a rapid cycler to 15 different shrinks, you will come up with 15 different possible treatment plans. I don’t mean to sound flippant, but for your story, you can throw in two mood stabilizers and one antipsychotic or one mood stabilizer and two antipsychotic. Simply for unipolar depression, I have been treated at times with mood stabilizers and an antipsychotic. For example now, I am taking abilify and lamictal since I fall into the treatment-resistant category. If you want to climb through piles of data, check out:http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1…

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