Jul 28

What Is The Best Way To Build Up Calf Muscle While Cycling?

I’m 16 years old and addicted to cycling. My calves are pretty big but I want to know how to make them bigger? Maybe going uphill more or what?


  1. Tebs

    Why do you want bigger calf muscles ? It is predominately the muscles of the thigh which contribute to making you a stronger cyclist, muscle is heavy, unless you are a pure short distance sprinter you can do without the extra weight ! In any case, if you do a lot of cycling you will develop normally whatever natural musculature type that you are, and it could be that, no matter how hard you try, you may never have much larger calfs than those you already have at age 16.

  2. smellyfa…

    If you ride a hill every day, try going at it with a higher gear each day, see how long you can go up it in that gear. I don’t know what bike you have, but a turbo trainer is a good investment, so you can train at home if the weather is poor.

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