Jul 30

What Do I Need To Do And Add To My Reef Tank As It Finishes Cycling?

My tank has been cycling for a little over a month now, and it is about to finish. Do i need to change the water after the cycle? And what additives do i need to add (calcium, phosphate, iron, etc.)? i am planning on adding a few corals, maybe an anemone.

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  1. Frank M

    Yes you want to do a water change after the cycle. You should have some high nitrates after the cycle, Never add anything to your tank that you are not testing for. Before you start adding coral you need to get a bunch of test kits for at least the 4 or so of the important parameters. Calcium, Alkalinty, PH, Magnesium. Never add Phospate to a reef tank. Anemones require a mature very stable tank at least 6 months old.

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