Jul 27

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Measure Nutrient Cycling In Wetlands?

I’m working on a restoration monitoring plan for a class and am trying to figure out which nutrient cycling parameters to measure to estimate nutrient cycling. I’m most interested in C, P, and N. The wetland is in the Pacific NW. If anyone can lead me to some good academic papers on this topic that would be great….


  1. Captain Algae

    There are many ways to go about that study. from sampling pore water to real time monitoring etc. there are lots of papers on the subject. If you are at a university, I would hit the library and use The Web of Science search engine and look up nutrient cycling in wetlands. I have included the USGS website below. It may have the info you need in there publications list. good luck! I love wetlands!

  2. Sean B

    Check papers written by Dr. Curtis J. Richardson, Professor of Biology at Duke University. I know the everglades seem night and day to the Pacific NW, but he has done extensive research on nutrient loads, monitoring, etc with the exact nutrients you are looking at. Also, if you use google select ‘Advanced Search’ from there you can specify it to only return sites with *.pdf files. That will open up a WEALTH of scientific papers for you. You can also try the Society for Wetland Scientists. They have a quarterly journal they publish and they also provide a searchable index for all there journals on-line. They also have a public forum where you can pose this question.

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