Jul 31

What Are The Chances Of Me Running Over A Fox When Im Cycling Around At Night?

I like cycling around at night but im worried that i might hit a fox what are the chances of this ocuring


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  1. James

    A fox would hear a bicycle, and get out of the way. A lot of people go cycling at night, and it’s very rare that you hear someone has hit a fox.

  2. whycanti

    Pretty much won’t happen, Fox would hear the bike coming and see it – so keep out of the way. Since you are unlikely to be travelling at more than say, 20mph, the fox has a lot of time to get out of the way even if it doesn’t hear you in advance. Then there is the factor of you – hitting something as large as a fox will throw you off your bike and cause damage to it – so you willl probably brake again reducing the chances of you hitting it

  3. Royalele

    your cahnces are not very high at all! you should firstly have a flash light for road aweness towards passerbyers,cars and other animals, but foxes have one mighty hearing system so they would spook, as they are more scared of you than you are of them. although the cubs (dont often see) may wonder but this is very very rare, it depends what part of area you live in urban could give you an extremly low chance and rural could give you a very high chance, i was on my way to work once and saw a dead fox in half with guts, very gory, so i would be carefull! cycle safe, hoped this helped :)

  4. D

    None. It’s almost impossible to run whilst cycling

  5. benloves

    It all depends on where you’re at. In my neighborhood in Florida, there are none.

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