Jul 29

What Are The Benefits Of Cycling On The Body? What Parts Of Your Body Does It Work Out?

I bike 16 miles every morning, and I want to know if cycling works out parts other than your legs, like your abs, butt, etc.


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  1. mrknosit

    Cycling is an excellent lower body workout and if you’re doing it right it is an excellent cardio workout too. The beauty of cycling is that it is extremely low impact so unlike our running brethren, we won’t need knee and hip replacement surgery in twenty years… I’ll agree with Scott on this one. I do 25-30 miles 4-5 times a week and I have to supplement that with core work to keep my abs under control.

  2. scott.br

    Abs do get exercise as they stabilize your core so your hips and legs can generate power. But you won’t get a magazine-cover-six-pack from riding a bike. In fact, it’s a good idea to do a full core and flexibility routine in addition to cycling, to strengthen these critical muscles.

  3. em_info2

    You won’t get great abs strictly from cycling. It definately will reduce your belly to a certain point- and the reduction is directly related to your riding miles and how hard the rides have been. Then, you must do other ab excercises to supplement the riding. So, it has to be combination- depending on your abs goals. The magazine abs probably won’t appear. Remember, losing the fat that hides your abs is related to your overall fat percentage – which means you need to work out freeweights and aerobic work outs. Don’t get me wrong though. If you ride and ride your bike at a consistant (several days a week), at a park with decent sized asphalt to ride your bike (with some rolling hills), you will be fit and lose lots of belly fat (just watch out in what you eat of course through out the day – rule of thumb – nothing pre-packaged). As for your legs…that’s a certainty. Your calves….that’s a certainty. As for the butt…that’s a certainty. Upper body…not so much. But if you climb hills alot, your stance and the gradient makes you work your arms more. In sum, put some variety in your morning rides…add some sprints here and there or go up a hill at the end of the ride as fast as you can to make your muscles remember your ride. Cycling is one of those excercises that can be your CORE aerobic and/or base of your overall workout routines. Cheers Good riding!

  4. aross07

    Excellent aerobic workout, and the areas of the body that benefit are: Quadriceps, that work to straighten the leg at the knee Hamstrings, that work to bend the leg at the knee Gluteals, that work to push off, helping the legs to straighten from the waist Hip Flexor / Psoas, that works to bend the waist and lift the leg Abdominals / Obliques, that work to stabilize the entire frame while you stay in the saddle. Does that help?

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