Jul 24

What Are Good Fish To Put In During Cycling?

Good cycling fish for a south american cichlid tank.I heard tiger barbs are good.How long before i introduce them i have put in my declorinator and i am putting bacteria in at the minute.Thanks.


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  1. I am Legend

    Tiger barbs are good choices yes, however the real issue with using them is that what are you going to do with them when done? I actually brought mine back because they were so very nippy. If you are going to stock the tank with the Tiger barbs, you need to base your final stocking around that. There is nothing wrong with using fish. If we are to condemn using fish to cycle a tank, we might want to evaluate our stance on how fish are shipped to all these stores that sell them. Those conditions are quite harsh on fish as well, and IMO it’s rather rash to promote fishless cycling as a humane method, and condone how fish are shipped, locally and internationally, as ok. To me it doesn’t make much sense but oh well. Gareth, you also use your dechlorinator immediately. Either figure how many gallons you are going to add, pour that in the tank and then add the water, or pour the dechlorinator right in the buckets to add the water with. Either way works. You can’t overdose dechlorinator so don’t even stress that. When you say putting in bacteria, I’m assuming you’re talking about Cycle, and I’m sure many will tell you, that is very debatable as being useful. Try it for now, but don’t expect results to be as the bottle says. The best thing you can do is get filter media or gravel from an established tank to speed that along. Now best fish to use, yes those Tiger Barbs are one, just consider if you want to keep them or not. Zebra Danios, Betta’s, White Clouds, and some tetra’s are quite hardy to use. You do have fishless options here, and my advocation in terms of fishless is to use filter media from an established tank, so your tank is ready to go.

  2. 67 chevelle

    Cycling with fish is fine.Why do people think it is O.K. to ship fish in bags,where they swim in there own waste for 12 to 24 hours,and survive,but not O.K. to cycle with the same fish? Anyway, What kind of S.A. cichlids do you want to keep?Tiger barbs are good fish to cycle with,but what are you going to do with them when the cycle has completed?They really do not go well with any S.A. cichlids,dwarfs,or the bigger species. Put the dechlorinator in before you add the fish.And what kind of bacteria are you adding?Bio Spira is the only one that claims it is live bacteria,and that you can add fish right away.If it is bacteria from a established tank,then just add the fish you want now.Bacteria in the filter media from an established tank is your best bet. Whatever type of bacteria you are adding,it needs ammonia to survive,without it the cycle will never start,and if the bacteria does not have a continuous supply of it(ammonia),the cycle will crash. The good thing about fishless cycling and cichlids is,if you do not have any established tanks to borrow media from,and use raw shrimp,or pure ammonia to cycle with,the bacteria will be very well established when the cycle is complete,and you can add all the juvenile fish all at once,rather than 2 or 3 at a time,like when you cycle with fish.And aggression issues with your cichlids will be less of an issue. Good Luck!

  3. Riksie-D

    Zebra danios and tiger barbs. If you want a cichlid tank though, either (1) don’t get the fish for cycling, (2) don’t get long-finned cichlids, or (3) return or get rid of the fish before you start getting the cichlids. I can see you want a fish cycle, so do what the guy above me says. Post a list of the fish you want in your tank and we’ll decide which one is the hardiest (toughest).

  4. FishRfin

    none! a cycle with fish is always harmful to the participants, so i suggest a fishless cycle.

  5. J M

    I would suggest to you, write down a list of all the fish you want to END UP with when your tank is fully stocked. Post your list. Out of that list, I think we could best pick one of the toughest to start out with. Tiger barbs though certainly a tough fish, are fin nippers galore. Especially if they run the territory for awhile first. If you ever plan to put in slower fish, they may not be such a good choice. I agree run the tank fishless. But at some point a first fish needs to be added. The tank will cycle from that point. So your question is valid. Also… if at all possible, ask your local pet store if you could have some used filter material from a HEALTHY tank. You can use that to “seed” all the bacteria you need. Speeds things up quite a bit.

  6. Atheist at a Catholic University

    Again, NONE!! Fishless cycle! All you need is a source of ammonia, such as pure liquid ammonia or fish food to add daily to ‘feed’ the bacteria growing in the tank!

  7. GOTCHA!

    NONE just run it

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