Jul 24

What Affect Does Cycling Have On Your Quads?

Does cycling have much of an affect on your thigh muscles? How fast does it build them? You see I want to build leg muscle for rugby, boxing and gaelic football. What other muscles does cycling build, including upper body muscles? Any ideas on building inner and outer thigh muscles also?


  1. fooboozl

    Cycling works a multitude of muscles, mostly in your legs. Hamstrings and quads a lot. With toe clips on the pedals it can work your hip flexors. But is an endurance activity and will condition your muscles for endurance. It’s great cardiovascular exercise. Doesn’t work your core or upper body a whole lot. Just look at pro cyclists. They’re little muscly-legged sticks. Cycling is a good supplement to weight training as an alternative to running, as it is easier on your joints.

  2. Bob A

    Cycling is good for building your cardiovascular system. If you want muscles for a particular sport you need to do that sport.

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