Jun 09

Weirdest Cycle Related Products of 2016

Here at BamaCycling, we are always amazed at the products that are created.  Usually, someone sees a “problem” and envisions a way to solve that problem — and when they do, a new product is created and marketed.


That concept of “fixing a problem” took on a whole new meaning in 2016, when an adult sex toy provider decided to make the long bicycle rides more “comfortable” and less stressful.  I’m sure you can see where I am going with this article.  LoveWorks, an adult store who has active in creating unique products and activities, began marketing the “Vibrating Bicycle Seat” complete with extra cushion and battery powered …. ummmm …. vibrations.


When I heard about it, I had to research, and found that the initial product run had ALREADY SOLD OUT!  I knew bicycle riders wanted to be first buying the latest products and most up-to-date gadgets, but I didn’t think they would have bought-out the local sex toys store!  Or as one of my cycling friends would have said, “Who’d a thunk it?”


According to the customer service person at LoveWorks who replied to my email, stock was expected in “any day” and they were looking forward to having the product available again.  Although the customer support person didn’t understand what I meant when I asked about the types of seat structures it would fit on – they at least tried, and replied that “it fits the standard 10-speed racer seat style”.


I decided to do a little more research and found some very unique articles that have featured this seat.  The one that made me laugh the most was “New Vibrating Bicycle Seat Encourages Women to Exercise”.  Really?  It took a vibrating bike seat to encourage women to exercise?  “Who’d a thunk it?”


All of the articles weren’t nice however.  One Woman’s blog commented “This sounds like an accident waiting to happen.  It is too dangerous to text while cycling; but having an orgasm is no problem?”


Be sure to check out the new vibrating bike seat!



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