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Every week Collegiate Race Recap – October 7, 2013

SECCC: Mars Hill College Race Weekend – by Spencer Lowden

Photo: Icon Media Asheville

Photo: Symbol Media Asheville

This weekend’s SECCC race was held in Asheville, NC at Kolo Bike Park. The Mars Hill Cycling team took advantage of the new parks facilities and created a fun, fast weekend of “Dirty South” racing. Saturday morning brought dense fog and much cooler temperatures, and started with the continually exciting Short Track. This week’s short track however , was considerably longer than many others this season, which designed different tactics would be in place for the races to come. In the Women’s “A” race, Erica Zaveta (Brevard College) took the win, while Emily Shields (Lees-McRae College) came in 2nd. In the Men’s “A” race Kerry Werner (Lees-McRae College) took the top spot, followed closely by Zach Valdez (Brevard College).

Mars Hill furthermore introduced the first team relay of the season, which was important due to the event now being including in the scores to determine the Collegiate Team Omnium National Champions later this year when it is kept in Banner Elk, NC. In this race teams of 3 or 4 (with no more than two males or two females) would alternate laps on the short course, which this week was the same as the short track, and pass through the zone that would permit the next teammate to start their panel. In the end Brevard College, who joined 2 teams – (Lewis Gaffney, Erica Zaveta, and Zach Valdez) and (Cypress Gorry, Sarah Slope, and Spencer Lowden) took first and second respectively.

The Saturday occasions were wrapped up with the only gravity event of the weekend, the Super-D. The short, flowy, and specialized track kept racers on their feet. In the Men’s “A” race Serta Ennis (Brevard College) had the particular fastest times of the day, while Erica Zaveta sped through the course to take the win in the Women’s “A” race with teammate Sarah Slope taking second.

Sunday started and ended with the cross country race that weaved and bobbed through the surrounding bike park using a mixture of tight single-track, open areas, and rooty corners. In the Men’s “A” race, Kerry Werner once again continued his streak of finishing on the top spot of the podium to take the win, followed by Zach Valdez (I smell a friendly rivalry? ). While in the Women’s “A” race an identical trend also occurred with Erica Zaveta again grabbing another earn, adding a great result to her currently impressive season.

The next SECCC race weekend is being put on by University of Florida on Oct 12 th , 2013.

SCCCC: Texas A& M Race Weekend- by Conor Steward and Emily Franco (A& M)

This week the particular SCCCC went down to Warda, TX as Texas A& M managed a fast and sandy race. The elements turned out to be perfect Saturday as Robby Chrisman (University of Texas) opened up the weekend with a win within Men’s A’s on the. 9 kilometer short track event. Following Robby’s fast run Elizabeth Lurz (Abilene Christian University) took home gold on this track that featured specialized single track and a BMX styled downhill to spice up the currently hot course. Later the group time trial tested pure neural with a rundown Gas Pass, a famously technical decent, where the particular most brave (or daft) may take gold. The 2 mile track furthermore included the previously mentioned BMX operate and a few gnarly climbs. ACU surprised the whole field with a win getting the closest team more than five minutes behind them (University of Texas and Baylor).

During the night a huge cold front with stormy weather struck the particular riders camp making the following day time an interesting prospect, however all teams arrived fearing no challenge. Doug Todd took home a earn for West Texas A& Mirielle after a close sprint finish against David Barrett (Midwestern State University) showing the true competitive edge within MTB racing. For the women, At the Lurz once again stole first within women’s A’s for ACU along with Sarah Gensbach (Alumni for Texas State) hot on her heels. General it was muddy fun weekend!

The SCCCC will be racing up in Waco, TX next weekend and it is sure to bring a test among the riders using a blast through the bamboo forest and it is sneaky switchbacks and climbs.

ACCC: University of Virginia Race Weekend – by Charles Ramsbotham

Start of the Men's A Race

Start of the Men’s A Race

This time the ACCC was in Virginia for the University of Virginia’s home race weekend. Racing started past due Saturday with a long short monitor. Lap times for the day averaged between 7-10 minutes. In all of the types, except for A, riders would do only two laps. In the Men’s A race Bryan Lewis (Univerity of Virginia) continued his earn streak from last weekend’s events. John Michael Gorum (Appalachian Condition University) was his main competition but could not close the space. In Women’s A Rebecca Stimson got the win for herself and Virginia Tech.

At the end of short monitor riders began to prepare for the time trial. This would be the longest time trial so far this season, taking around twenty minutes. Lewis (UVA) and Gorum (ASU) continued their fight to win in Men’s A. Bryan would win again with Ruben Michael taking 2 nd . Stimson (VT) won again in Women’s A.

Sunday’s race was a tough cross country course. The trail was located right in the backyard of the University of Virginia’s campus. While the distance was only about 4 miles per lap there would be about 800 feet of climbing. Cyclists began the race at the bottom of the long asphalt climb to sort the field out before getting in towards the trail. Lewis (UVA) once again gained to sweep the weekend. That is two weekends in a row to get him! Stimson (VT) would the actual same in Women’s A winning for her third time this weekend.

Next weekend is the ACCC’s conference championship managed by Appalachian State University out there at Beech mountain. Then we have our rest weekend followed by nationals which will also be hosted at Beech.

WCCC: Stanford Race Weekend- by Kirsten Pearsons

Men's A Steven Pearl (HSU) winning short track.

Men’s A Steven Pearl (HSU) winning short track. Photo: Dave Miller

The warm California sunshine finally came out this weekend and greeted riders because they took to the hills of Stanford’s Toro Park home race. Saturday’s looping XC course had an exposed fireroad climb and a wandering single-track descent through oak grasslands. Stanford’s own National Champion Kate Courtney dominated the Women’s A competition followed by current JAKROO leader Katelyn Hill (HSU) and Diane Moug (UC Davis). National Champion Lucas Newcomb of Cal Poly gained the Men’s A race, followed by UCSC’s William Curtis and Nicholas Newcomb (Lucas’ brother). On Saturday afternoon, XC riders from the morning once again accented the XC ascend, but this time accompanied by downhillers for the SuperD.

Sunday has been packed with three race events – short track, relay, and down hill. The short track course has been quick-paced and flowy so it experienced more like a road criterium than the average short track. Current JAKROO leader Steven Pearl (HSU) gained Men’s A’s and Kate Courtney once again took first, with Katelyn Hill right on her wheel the whole race. Both the A’s and B’s short track relays were gained by Stanford. The weekend closed with downhill; the freshly reduce course comprised of sandy off-camber paths and twisting turns. Robert Boger of Chico won Men’s A’s followed by teammate Dane Petersen and Justin Graves of Humboldt Condition.

Next weekend we all head further south for the a lot anticipated 24th annual Parkfield Classic hosted by Cal Poly’s Wheelmen.

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