Jun 18

Operate for the Club President position on the Collegiate Committee

USA Cycling is currently accepting selection for 13 different jobs on its activity committees, including the club president position on the collegiate committee. If you are an present club president with an interest inhaling your involvement with collegiate cycling one stage further, this is a great possibility that shouldn’t be skipped. What does the collegiate activity committee do? The committee’s primary role is to serve within an advisory capacity as well as work with USA Cycling staff to develop competition rules and consider issues relevant to their particular discipline. The committee also nominates as well as elects a representative to the USA Cycling Table of Directors. The Committee has an yearly in-person meeting at USA Cycling headquarters (usually past due October), as well as hosts monthly meeting calls along with normal email communication along with other committee members as well as USAC employees.

The outgoing club president at the committee, Sophy Shelter (Harvard Cycling) had this particular to say: “I got the opportunity to assist on the collegiate committee for two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Every year, USA Cycling committee and board associates (including you) get flown to Colorado springs municipal airport to hammer out initiatives, broad as well as specific, within the sport. All of those other season, the committee satisfies via teleconference. If you are interested in focusing on how decisions are created in USA Cycling, consider running for the position. If you prefer a hand in impacting decisions that affect all of school cycling, definitely operate for the position. The best part of this committee is that collegiate cycling is very much the “wild west” of this sport–which means a lot of potential for growth and a fertile field choosing ideas (maybe yours? ). inch

To become nominated for the club president seat at the collegiate committee, you should be listed as the club’s president, have an energetic collegiate license, as well as collect the signatures of 5 USA Cycling associates. These signatures must be received by USA Cycling (mail, scan/email, or even fax) no after June 28th. Nomination types and additional information can be found here. (Keep in your mind that all five signatures do not need to land on the same type: for example , if your teammates are spread out nationwide, they are able to each simply email, scan/email, or even fax a form along with your name on it and their signature in one of the containers to USA Cycling. ) You’ll simply need to coordinate those five individuals and make sure they send in the paperwork before June 28th. Soon after that, polls will begin and school club presidents can each vote for it.

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