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Mansell retains Team UK Youth wish

nine October 2013 Last updated at 10: 07 GMT

Team UK Youngsters owner Nigel Mansell is still “very upbeat” about the future of the group
despite withdrawing his financial support for next season.

The ex-Formula 1 globe champion funded the team meant for four years but has said continued sponsorship is “impossible in the present climate“.

The outfit enjoyed an excellent 2013 but now need to find a brand new headline sponsor by the end of October to survive.

“I’m still really hopeful we’ll keep it going, ” he or she told BBC South West Sport.

Mansell – whose son Greg trips for the team – is working with other members of the Team UNITED KINGDOM Youth set-up to find new financial resources.

“The fantastic thing is that there’s been a lot of response in the last few days, inch he added.

“We have two meetings next week and we’re attempting really hard to develop things. The problem is that will having conversations is not the same thing since getting finance. ”

Mansell made his decision at the end of Team UNITED KINGDOM Youth’s most successful ever time of year, with his outfit ranked second only to Team Sky among British groups in the UCI rankings after many race wins.

“It’s a fantastic group and they’ve made history this season with some of the results, ” additional Mansell.

“The stats are there to back up what I’m saying. We won the Tour Series, we now have
four riders ranked within the top 10 of the British rankings including Yanto Barker as the number-one-ranked rider, and we won UCI-ranked occasions in Ireland and elsewhere.

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Realistically we need to get something in situ by the end of the month

Team UK Youth manager Sawzag Povall

“Unfortunately, the truth check is that the figures needed to account a team are significant.

“But with cycling’s success in The uk with the Olympics and the Tour de France, surely there must be sponsors on the market who want to get involved?

“The team’s pedigree is as good as anybody on the market and with the link with the UK Youngsters charity, they are also helping to inspire teenagers on to bigger and better items.

“We’ve had fantastic support from the inside the sport and have a great relationship with the partners and suppliers. ”

The particular team competes at UCI Ls level, the standard below that of Group Sky and has been used to advertise the UK Youth charity, of which Mansell is president.

Mansell said that the team had told all twelve of its riders – which include Cornwall’s Chris Opie, Devon’s Barker and Joshua Hunt, Jersey’s Richard Tanguy and Guernsey’s Tobyn Horton – that they were free to find brand new contracts, with his blessing.

So far just one rider – Jon Mould – has done that, and Mansell declared that was evidence of how “solid” the team remain as a unit.

“To a man, they say this is the best group they’ve ever ridden for and they want to stay here if they are able to, ” he said.

“I’m still very, very upbeat that individuals can bring someone in to carry on this success story. ”

Team UNITED KINGDOM Youth manager Dave Povall furthermore holds Mansell’s belief the group could still have a future next time of year – and beyond.

“I aren’t just let it go, I’m going to fight for this, ” Povall told BBC The west Sport. “I believe good things happen to good people and we’ve been absolutely professional and I’m still hopeful.

“It’s been a fantastic season – but we find ourselves in the placement where we’re the most successful household team which can hold its own in European level but is with no title sponsor, so it’s very difficult times.

“Mr Mansell has been very clear and transparent at all stages, and he’s still working remarkably difficult to secure funding for the team to keep. His commitment is second to none and it is mirrored by every member of the team. ”

Povall is involved in trying to find a new sponsor for the group, but he said the time clock is ticking.

“Realistically we need to get something in situ by the end of the 30 days for all parties to move forward and also to give us enough time to fulfil our requirements, ” he mentioned.

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