Olympic champion Jason Kenny claimed gold in the men’s run to secure his second title at the British Cycling National Track Competition.

Kenny added to his keirin name by beating Peter Mitchell whilst Matthew Crampton defeated Craig MacLean in the bronze medal contest within Manchester.

Corrine Hall beat Olympians Laura Trott and Dani Ruler in the women’s 15km scratch race.

Jess Varnish and Danielle Khan were victorious in the team run.

It was a third title of the week for Varnish after wins within the 500m time trial and ladies sprint.

Kenny said: “It could be the first race on wood since we have been training on concrete on the summer, so I was only just finding my feet towards the end of the night.

“But winning is a habit so let’s hope we can make it on through the World Cup. It is only going to get harder from this level. “

Hall, who
gained gold and silver as tandem pilot to Lora Turnham at the current Para-cycling Road World Championships within Canada, was surprised to beat Trott and King.

“It is of a shock really. I wasn’t even going to ride, but my coach talked me into it, ” she said.

“I knew if it came down to the sprint that I could not beat Laura or Dani, when I saw a couple of people go off the front I thought ‘I have got to go with a do or die effort’. “