Jul 26

Is Cycling A Good Thing To Help Improve Your Distance Running?

Im a distance runner but I also like to cycle alot. I do 15-20 miles a day of cycling (and 3-6 of running) and I was wondering if its doing me any good with my distance running or if its actualy doing harm.


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  1. RForrest

    don’t listen to the first person, all types of cross training helps. the body is adaptive, so after doing the same thing over and over, it gets used to it and does not improve as quickly. when you shock your body by using weaker muscles used less in running but more in cycling it helps you improve quickly. My cross country team has a practice once a week where we go cycling and swimming

  2. Sisyphus…

    Cross-training (mixing it up) is a good idea, and it will not ‘hurt’ your running. But if the cycling comes at the expense of time spent running, then while the cycling will help improve your overall fitness, it will not help your training for a given running event as much as spending more time running/training for the run.

  3. bikenutz

    Cycling is a good method of cross training, but you can’t rely on it in place of running. It strengthens your legs and gives you an opportunity to work on your cardio without the impact of running. That being said, you’re probably in very good shape considering the schedule you described!

  4. Adam D

    No don’t listen to the first person. Cycling is good cross training.It’s a good way to also improve your fitness but also give you a break from running. This gives mental relief because doing lots of running can make you sick of running and it lowers your risk of injury because your legs are doing less impact.

  5. kstice1@

    Ccling should not cause harm at all. If you’re looking to build endurance, running would be a better routine. Goodluck!

  6. Runner 4 Life

    The only way to train for running is to run, cycling may be easier on EVERY part of your body especially the knees but it really hurts your distance endurance because your used to an easier way to go a faster pace

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