Jul 29

How Would I Get Involved With Road Time Trials For Cycling In Scotland?

I am looking to take up cycling as a new hobbie and was just wondering how I would get involved in the time trials for Scotland? Thanks


  1. Andymcj78 - Atheist

    You’re trying to run before you can walk. First you get into cycling and develop your proficiency – initially you don’t even think of competing alongside professionals. I’m from Scotland as well and the Scottish “amateur” time trial record for an hour would mean cycling at a speed of around 25 mph and it will be a long time before a beginner reached even that standard. Join a club and cycle for fun then see if you have the dedication and commitment to take it further.

  2. wleatlan

    a get bike b ride c find some guys to ride with, check local shop d ask then e you won;t be worth @#$ at it for years so there is no rush wle

  3. John M

    Get a bike and start training.

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