Jul 26

How To Switch Fish Cycling Bottle Products?

Hi, I just bought Seachem Stability fish cycling product a few weeks ago and have been using it up until now and I want to switch to Tetra safestart. How do I make the change? Should I just stop using seachem and start using tetra or do I have to wait to make the change? Thank you!

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  1. Fishless

    Stability does (not) work. It has the wrong species of bacteria. The bacteria in there is land based, and will drown in the water after a week, which will crash the seemly completed cycling. Which means if you want it to “work”, you need to add it every week forever. Tetra SafeStart works. < ------------ (the only proven working live bacteria product for aquarium nitrogen cycle) it has the correct type of aquatic cycle. just get a bottle rated at least 2x your tank size, and dump all in once. i assume you have fish there already right? if not, want to add source ammonia keep alive. more information on cycle fishelss cycling,http://petskeepersguide.com/fishless-cyc…

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