Jul 27

How To Buy A High Quality Cycling Clothing?

I want to buy a cycling jersey ,but I am a beginner don’t understand how can i buy a high quality cycling clothing,can anyone give me a idea?


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  1. gsjng

    Riding, cycling enthusiasts in general is environmentally friendly and healthy fashion movement, for the bicycle race sport far, it is the speed, endurance and skill of intense competition, but also the competition bicycles and cycling equipment. In cycling equipment, the most important of which is the jersey. It determines the ride comfort and sport sport level of play. Jersey so important, how can we choose a high-quality cycling clothing it? Please note the following: 1, note that the version of choice. Version type is critical, riding clothes is a professional thing. Watermelon is not like watermelon. So I chose jersey, be sure to choose a professional. The professional version of the type of riding clothes in considerable research aspects. Points are very detailed. 2, pay attention to the choice of fabric. If you are riding underwear, because it is worn next to the skin, so the comfort of the fabric demanding. In the colder winter weather, usually made of heat retaining, breathable, thermal insulation, good polyester fabric. Warmer weather, we must choose wicking, breathable, washable and quick drying lightweight fabrics, such as polyester mesh fabric, high-end yarn produced is Meraklon woven into the fabric. We can also do some post-processing of the fabric, such as adding antibacterial silver ions, or antimicrobial fiber. Jersey fabric is characterized by functionality, protection, fit and comfort, improved polyester fiber is not only high strength, elasticity, elongation, abrasion resistance, strong and durable; and the use of capillary action, with good permeability and perspiration, rapid discharge can be a lot of sweat, keeping surface dry. 3, pay attention to the details of the jersey. Clothes do not know how to judge a garment grade it? Look at the details, see the propaganda is useless. Details can be seen that the product quality and grade. What are the details of it? Please note the following: (1) How about the clothes’ handmade ? Sewing straight symmetry, smooth, no rough thread, which is a symbol of quality. If your hands SMS, JOYRIDE or Skins cycling jerseys, you can use them with other brands jersey compare, you will find that those professional high-end brand products no connection, disconnection, and skipped stitches. Few cable head no less clean. (2) Can alignment patterns on the clothes? Feature is the pattern jersey more, which gives a very high production requirements. Requirements must be on the bit neat, natural, neat. General jersey looks like the previous one, in fact, are very far-fetched, because it is forced to pull on the brace, so unnatural, awkward. To achieve smooth natural alignment, only requires sewing work, but also need the cooperation system and the origin of the support. Include: strip Figure counterpoint, cutting counterpoint, counterpoint sewing, ironing right place. (3) Auxiliary material. Jersey is the most critical accessories zipper. YKK zipper is time well-known, but also can be seen as a symbol of high-end brand positioning. Do not know what it does not matter, to see what he used zippers to know. YKK zipper’s price is 10 times the price of ordinary zipper. Second, look or slip elastic band. Soft, high elastic, durable, which are the three fixed target, and can withstand some of the high standards of the brand, transitory man left. (4) The colors of the jersey. Cycling is environmentally friendly sport. Will certainly be using environmentally friendly ink. The domestic market is now riding clothes, too messy. Frequently say they used the Italian ink. Italy ink is very expensive, with the ink so expensive clothes made out of tens of dollars just to sell it, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I do not believe. From the price, we can first make a preliminary screening. I do not think some of your good stuff, but sometimes cheap is only improvise, to see your own economic situation right. Then, we come to point objective. We compare the colors. Do not know what fear, fear of confinement. Do not take more than bright colors, bright colors because you are not out ratio. Take the black and gray to match to see who’s color. As soon as you know who is higher than the bottom of it.http://www.cycling-wear.com/ is pro bicycle wear supplier and offer high quality cycling jersey ,you can have a look this website, may be there are many jersey you would like .

  2. John M

    Try Amazon, Nashbar, and Performance Bike. Even the cheap house brand from Performance Bike is good.http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=lp_3403201_n…http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/TopCategory…http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Top…

  3. Old Hippie

    Made in the USA!!!http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/http://www.voler.com/

  4. wleatlan

    gosh go to a bike store maybe? look at some..?

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