Jul 26

How Much Longer Do I Have Until My Aquarium Is Done Cycling?

I have been cycling my tank for about 3 weeks and my Ammonia is 0.0, my nitrite is 0.30, and my Nitrate is reading 15.0 . Do you think my tank is almost done cycling? And how many weeks do you think I have to go?


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  1. mwm0788

    just remember your tank cycles to how many fish are in the tank. so when the cycle is complete your tank can safely support those 5 fish. bacteria populations only grow to the amount of fish so don’t think once your done you can add 20 more fish at once.. add fish slowly in the beginning the more fish in the tank the more you can add at once… i would never add more than a few inches of fish a week. good luck

  2. mrsllrif

    Cycling your tank takes about a month. The fact your ammonia levels are at 0 it should take no more than 48 hours to a week. for your nitrite level to drop to 0 and your tank will be done cycling. Based on your ammonia being at 0 your nitrites will not go up,only down. If your nitrites happen to go up your getting a false ammonia reading. You have to have ammonia reading to have nitrites.

  3. Happi

    sorry buddy but your fish tank was under cycle process and you have added those fishes too early. you suppose to let the tank cycle for atleast 2-3 weeks without any fish in it. and then test your water afterward and if everything looks good then add fish one by one. never add all the fishes at onces unless the tank has been running for while. anyway some fish tank cycle faster than the others and if you really want to increase the cycle process then do the following: 1. if you have any other fish tank running in the house, then this could help you. all you have to do is take your filter foam out of that tank and squeze the water out from the foam and add this to your new tank. dont worry if it will cloud your water but this will soon go away and benefits your fish with many bacteria. that is one of the reason your nitrate level could be rising because you dont have enough bacteria to break down the fish waste. read this also:http://www.ehow.com/how_2248133_lower-ni…

  4. Parachro

    Your getting close on the nitrite peak….and nitrates have started…. About any time actually….it’s rare for nitrites to go much higher than.30,and with the nitrates already at 15 it should start to decline ….soon.

  5. ?

    How many fish do you have in the tank? It takes about 4 weeks to cycle a tank. You should be fine to add more fish now.

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