Jul 31

How Much Fish Should I Have For 25 Gallon Cycling Tank?

I have a 25 gallon tank and i have 6 danios in it and currently in week 3 of cycling should i take away fish?

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  1. Jack the Wong

    The answer to your question, is 0 fish should be in a cycling tank. If they have somewhere to go, please do remove your danios asap. You must have built an amount of ammonia by now. I would save the 6 danios. You should proceed with fishless cycling. There are 2 ways. None of these methods require water change during the process, but only at the end when it’s done. And makes sure you have your filter running, so you have filter media to build up beneficial bacteria. At the end, I will tell you how to speed up the process. Have a test kit to check your water chemistry. ~~~Method 1 (with food, slower): Every day, put a little bit of food into the tank, as if there were fish. Act crazy and feed your invisible fish that your family members can’t see. After few days, the Ammonia will rise. Keep doing it. (Keep feeding) After few days to a week, you’ll see Nitrites building up, and Ammonia going down. (Keep feeding) After few days or another week, you’ll see Nitrates building up and nitrites going down. (Keep feeding) Once your Ammonia and Nitrates both goes down to 0, cycle is complete. Stop feeding. When done, do an 80%-90% water change. Don’t worry, majority of your bacteria lives in your filter media, and the rest living on object surface such as substrates and ornaments, not in the middle of the water. Yes it will look ugly during the cycle with all the nasty food floating, bear with it. You can lightly shake your filter sponge in de-chlorinated water to shake off all the food leftover in there at the end. ** Pellets are not as efficient because its exposed surface area is not great compared to flakes. Therefore, you might want to consider breaking it into smaller pieces first. But it will still work, just take more time before the ammonia gets built. ~~~Method 2 (with Ammonia, faster, larger load) I think this is the best method. Buy pure Ammonia from Wal-Mart or anywhere, it’s in the cleaning section. Make sure that there’s nothing but ammonia. Poor in 1/10 of a cup (if you have a 25 gallon). Ammonia will be super high immediately. Now you have nothing to do. Just check your water few days or a week later, you should see nitrites starting to rise. Few days later, you will see nitrates building up. Even at that point, it’s very common to have high Ammonia, because the amount you put might be a lot. But eventually, both Ammonia and Nitrites will go down to 0. Then 80%-90% water change. The reason I think that this is the best method is because: – You don’t waste food (moral issue haha) – You can then use your ammonia for cleaning your floor – It won’t be ugly looking like Method I. – It’s faster because you don’t need to wait for food to break down to ammonia, it’s already ammonia. – The best: You can put in the max load of fish immediately, because the amount of ammonia you poured in is so great that you the amount of beneficial bacteria is extremely high to handle a really large load. But don’t overcrowd, just put what you believe is the max. You can achieve similar result if you put in large amount of food in Method I. ~~ How to speed up the process? – The hotter the water the better. Try to have it at above 28 degrees Celsius – Use beneficial bacteria product. I personally have great experience with using “Cycle” and “Stability”. I was able to fishless cycl my last 3 tanks in just 14 days, using Method 2 and those bacteria products. Shake well, and poor it into the filter media instead, and you can double/triple the dosage recommended Some people claim that they don’t work, but it doesn’t hurt for sure :) It least it didn’t take over a month like most people stated. Remember, once both Ammonia/Nitrites are at 0, do a huge water change to remove the extreme nitrates you have built, and all the nasty stuff (food left over). Also, always use de-chlorinated / de-chloraminated water, else your good bacteria will just die, and you have to redo it again. Good luck with your tank! :)

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