Jul 30

How Much Does Cycling Help With Running?

I have been running 6 days a week, as well as cycling every Saturday for 30 minutes. I ran my first 10k on Thanksgiving, and I felt very strong throughout the race. I was competing with my coach, whom was about equal in talent as me, and I would pass him every uphill without any added effort. Does cycling make you better at running? I have chosen to do that because I have read that one day of cross training a week will help with recovery and injury prevention. Any thoughts?


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  1. Pink:)

    Yeah you said i was going to be fat forever. Shut ur mouth up you stupid jerk. you dont know anythig so you cant judge. i am a size 7 and i just broke past a plateu and i run for 2 hrs everyday=10 miles i bet way more than what your dumb self runs and i bet if you ate the same foods i ate then you will die because my diet is so extrme it falls under eating disorder so shut your mouth you are dumb and stupid and hahah cycling? tried that. oh and i have one thought….GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh and nothing will mke you better at running just so you know.

  2. DosCenta…

    Cycling fitness carries over well into running fitness (70-85% depending on the intensity of the cycling workout). The low impact helps significantly with active recovery and both develop aerobic and anaerobic tolerances. Remember, you get stronger during your recovery phase and when you rest — not when you work out. Try to take off 1 full day a week at least so that your body has a chance to rebuild and adapt. 1 full day of rest can do amazing things to your performance for short races.

  3. DosCenta

    I think cycling helps as long as you remain in your fat burning zone. I read that it takes three times more effort to run than to cycle. If you run for 20 minutes in a day, if I were you I would bike for 60 minutes. When it comes right down to it though you’re working your legs and thats all that really matters.

  4. ?

    Biking is a very good cross training or recovery day. It takes the load off your legs and body while still working on your cardiovascular system. Biking in itself will not improve your running, but along with your training can be beneficial.

  5. lestermo

    im pretty sure it does because on my cross country the second person on varsity is a racing biker and the only person faster than him has alot of natural talent and runs alot with out the team

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