Jul 31

How Much Different Do Cycle Chemicals Make?

I have been cycling a 20 gallons tank since monday and i have added the appropriate amount of cycle chemicals,Have tested it for PH,Nitrates and the readings were both pretty much perfect.I have made the water 28 degrees as the good bacteria grow better when it is slightly hotter. I was just wondering how much longer it would take to get like 3 hardy fish? The filter and heater has been running all this time.


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  1. Rohn

    I have only see one product that instantly cycle an aquarium. That is BioSpira. Adding BioSpira allows you to add fish immediately. While other product that claim to contain nitrofying bacteria include Cycle and Stress Zyme. Adding these product only speed or kick start the cycling process and does not act like BioSpira. All other product are completely useless except for these 3 products and a waste of money.

  2. jbird

    If you’re doing a fishless cycle its going to tank between a month or two before you can add fish. You CAN add some fish now in order to add the ammonia to cycle the tank; danios, guppies, white cloud mountain minnows and cories are perfect for this. What “cycle chemicals” did you add? Did you start a fishless cycle and added ammonia or did you add one of those products that are suppose to cycle to tank almost instantly? Or did you use a product like Stress Zyme that just adds bacteria to help speed up the process? If you started a fishless cycle (already added ammonia) just continue w/o the fish. Ammonia and Nitrites are what you need to watch out for. Take readings on those 2 things and if you want you can add a couple fish now

  3. Marcus

    Erm, you started cycling on Tuesday http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind… PH and nitrates don’t matter, ammonia and nitrite do! You added ammonia on Tuesday so you still have a high ammonia reading, you haven’t got any nitrites because you don’t have any bacteria to convert the ammonia. You chose to start a fishless cycle, it will be weeks before you cultivate enough bacteria not days. No matter how many different ways you word the question, you buy the fish, they die of ammonia poisoning and you still have to wait till the cycle is complete.

  4. mwm0788

    Perfect depends on how much ammonia you’ve been adding, If none then your tank is cycled to zero fish. Bio-spira is the best but a pain, I prefer seachem stability, it’s cheaper , easier to find and works well but you need to add fish for it to work (source of ammonia). you have to tell us if this is a fishless cycle or not. personally i like to cycle tanks with fish slowly. Add 2 fish and stability for a week. then add only a few fish at a time with a week or to in between so the beneficial bacteria colony has a chance to grow to meet the new ammonia and nitrate demands. At the same time your water column is maturing. (fish hate a tank full of new water) I’ve cycled a tank with pretty well anything, just go slow, never ever over feed, and 15% water changes every 3-4 days in the first couple weeks. your good to go. good luck!!!

  5. sp33dsti

    Stick some danio’s in it.. They are very cheap and hardy. Leave them in there for about a week and check your water parameters again. Do a water change, and start introducing fish into your aquarium very slowly. Get 1 or 2 every 1-2 weeks. Always keep up on water changes, they are very important because your filter does not remove the Nitrates. That is done with water changes. Hope this helped.

  6. Jack the Wong

    Here, i will interpert your “cycle chemical” as product Beneficial Bacteria. Am I right? First of all, you gotta tell us, is there a source of ammonia? Then your tank will never get cycled., and it will be normal that all readings are good. Are you aiming to do a fishless cycle? I hope so. Here are the steps to do with your “cycle chemicals”: 1. Pour in pure ammonia. Since there’s no fish, make it go up to the most dangerous zone of your meter. 2. Pour in your Beneficial Bacteria. 3. Monitor the Ammonia and Nitrite level every day. 4. Once Ammonia has peaked , and nitrite has peaked, and both at 0, then you’re done your cycle. It took me exactly 2 weeks the last time i did it in a 75 gallon using pure ammonia and Cycle product. Waiting for Nitrites to peak and go down was the longest part. Watch out, do a really huge water change (maybe 75%) before you put in your first fish. That’s because there is an excess of nitrates, which is normally not dangerous, but it will be bad at that level after what we do. That’s assuming you don’t do water change at all during your fishless cycling. And don’t worry, good bacteria live on object surfaces and most in your filter, not in the middle of water. You can put all full load of fish at once, since the bioload you’ve created during fishless cycling is far beyond what your tank can really hold. Hope this helps :)

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