Jul 29

How Much Cycling A Week Do I Have To Do To Lose Weight?

Ok, I’ve always been interested in cycling, and I do it on a regular basis. I want to lose weight/fat and gain more muscle. My legs are pretty strong because I do a lot of walking and cycling, but I want to know if cycling can make you lose a lot of belly fat, too, and if so, how much can it take off?
Let me know. Thanks! (:


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  1. Mark Jaccobs

    Have a healthy diet with carbs in the morning (to give you energy) and proteins at night (recovers any muscle you may have worked, while you sleep. Also, less energy means you won’t be adding fat because you won’t be using much while you sleep). Drink a lot of water and yes cycling can make you loose weight, as long as you do it consistently. Best advice I can give though is to EXERCISE BEFORE BREAKFAST – AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP. This is the time where your body will be low on energy (because you only had protein the night before) and will then resort to burning as much fat as it can. When you get home, have a healthy breakfast rich in fruit. Gym later at night or do some strength exercises during the day. Good luck

  2. Old Hippie

    Testing…testing. Is this microphone working? OK – good. Now…had you gone back & looked at previous questions & answers you would have seen that cycling does NOT target one specific body area as far as fat reduction. It helps to reduce body fat PROPORTIONATELY all over – in conjunction with a healthy diet. No healthy diet – no weight loss. In fact…cycling does very LITTLE to help or strengthen the core group (muscles). I highly suggest you read an on-line, 4 page article from Bicycling.com about the body’s core & cycling…http://www.bicycling.com/training-nutrit… Read it ALL! How much cycling must one do? At least an hour, 4 to 5 days per week using the proper techniques. Have your saddle (seat) raised to the proper height for optimal leg extension & power. “Spin” the pedals at a relatively high cadence at all times. Toss in a few hills for interval training. Couple more links below…

  3. Holden McGroin

    Bottom line for losing weight is to create a disparity between the number of calories you intake and the number you burn. All diets are variations on this basic theme. So, the first step is to determine your average daily calorie intake. Don’t worry about how much you consume during this monitoring period just eat normally and write everything down. Get yourself a calorie chart and add up your daily calorie intake and average it out over the monitoring period. This will give you a fair idea of your daily calorie intake. Now, its time to create the disparity and this can be done several simple and healthy ways. One way is to eat normally and begin an exercise regimen to burn off calories.This will increase your metabolism and you’ll burn more calories over a longer period. Another is to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories daily. This method will prevent your body from “banking” because it will not shock your system as would a more severe reduction. The best way is to combine both methods. There are calorie burn rate charts for cycling available on-line. Now just do the math and you’ll see results. This is a healthy plan when done over time. Don’t rush it!

  4. SoccerRe

    Jar etch As you can see, regular cycling of a minimum of 1 hour per day AND a good diet will get you there. But like putting on the weight took months and years, so too will losing he weight. It doesn’t just disappear. Soccerref

  5. Mairead

    Anytype of exercise should help loose wieght, an hour a day will work best, along with lots of water and trying ur best to keep up a healthy diet :)

  6. Rasbin Rijal

    You may do cycling about an hour in regular basis. You will obviously lose weight.

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