Jul 25

How Long Should It Take To Produce Nitrites When Cycling An Aquarium?

I am cycling my 55 gallon aquarium with 10 serpae tetra and do 10-15% water changes once or twice a week. It has been three weeks I it has not started producing nitrites yet. Is this normal?


  1. I Ask Questions

    Hmm… have you checked nitrate? If nitrate is above 0 then the cycle may be very close to done. If ammonia is still high that means you may need more filtration, or do bigger water changes (if nitrate is above 0). But the cycle varies, it is possible, the longest I’ve had one take is around 8-10 weeks. It will be okay, just be patient and don’t rush anything. This is normal, but not common.

  2. I heart beets

    check your other substances like ammonia and nitrates. if you have nitrates, you’re probably fine. around 40 ppm nitrates is good. 0 ammonia is perfect and so is 0 nitrites.

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