Jul 26

How Good Is Cycling When Trying To Get In Shape?

I’ve recently started cycling to try and get in shape. I’ve been cycling at around 30mph for 40 minutes. How beneficial is this to me and helping me to get into shape and get fit?
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  1. motorfam

    40 minutes constant exercise is going to be good in any event. On a bike at that speed… That will likely have burned in the region of 7-900 calories, assuming you are about 140 lb. You will have given your leg and lower back muscles a good workout, without too much impact on your joints. To further gain, if you are not doing it already, it is worth getting ‘cages’ or toe clips for your bike, as, without them, you only really exert when you push down on the pedal. Clips also cause you to exert by pulling the pedal up, hence using different muscle groups. the only down side of cycling is that, although it will burn fat all over, it does not do a great deal for upper body strength. But keep it up!

  2. brainyan

    If you can cycle at 30mph for 40 minutes…YOU’RE IN SHAPE!!

  3. Bob

    the upward movement of your legs can tone your legs and also your lower stomach..boosts your heart rate..idk

  4. justpin7

    great way to get in shape. 30mph seems a little fast don’t you think.

  5. cristal

    cycling tones your back muscles,thigh and keeps active

  6. just asking

    yes its good for weight loss and also tones ur legs

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