Jul 27

How Does Endurance Cycling Help Long Distance Runners?

Yes, I am a long distance runner training for marathon.I wanted to know how does endurance cycling(cycling for over 4-5 hours) help a marathon runner.Also can a long distance runner simultaneously become good at 400m and 800m sprints?If so how should he practice for short as well as long distances?

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  1. lestermo

    Long distance cycling helps distance running because it develops your cardiovascular system and leg muscles without the pounding you get while running. A long distance runner can not be good at 400 and 800 at the same time, the training is not the same so you can not develop sprint speed and long distance endurance during the same seasons. You can always incorporate speed work into your distance training so your top speed is better than it would be if you only do distance work but you can not devote enough time to speed work and still maintain your endurance levels.

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