Jul 25

How Does Cycling Help In Developing Your Leg Muscles?

I wanted to know whether cycling helps in developing your leg muscles and whether it can make you a better runner.If yes then how many kms should one cycle daily?


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  1. Old Hippie

    Cycling will help tone leg muscles – not bulk them up. Make you a “better runner”? I kind of doubt it. It would be a nice change of pace from running & keep the cardiovascular system going strong. It would also be easier on the knees & other joints. I cycle because I can’t run anymore. Arthritis in the lower back & starting in the knees. Severe pain just from walking a few blocks. But I can still cycle! :) :)

  2. Rocky

    Ditto what everyone else already said. Just wanted to add that while cycling might not specifically make you a better runner, cross training is always a good idea so your muscles and joints don’t get too locked into the same movements and get overstressed. So it’s better for your body to not just run all the time, but incorporate other types of exercise like cycling, into your workouts.

  3. artyinth

    Cycling does a great job on your legs and cardio system. Now comes an interesting thing cycling and running recruit your muscles differently, so you if you are trying to be better at both do both. Now one thing cycling will help with in running is teaching your muscles to fire faster. If you can get to the point where you can pedal at 100+ rpm this can help condition your legs to moving quicker.

  4. MtBikr

    Sheru They are both very fine cardio exercise programs, great for cross training. But, riding will not make you a better runner. Running will not make you a better rider. That being said, again, they are great cross training sports. This is especially true in riding. You get the workout without the impact! The big problem for a new rider is learning how to ride properly. You must learn how to ‘spin’ at a rate of 70+ rpm with moderate pedal pressure… and, not to ‘mash’ on the pedals in too high (hard) of a gear. You need to change the gears to maintain BOTH the spin rate and the pedal pressure. Both should always feel much the same! Soccerref

  5. ?

    Cycling is good for your cardiovascular system, and develops some of the muscles that a runner uses when running up and down hills. But if your running is mostly on flat surfaces, cycling won’t do much for you

  6. Mtrlpqbi

    Cycling will help your cardiovascular system but will not help your running. If you want to run faster, run faster. If you want to run longer, run longer.

  7. Bob A

    not only helps leggs it will helps whole body. while cycling u need to do cycling by standing. in less air u have to do more effort to same distance.

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