Jul 28

How Does A Teen Get Started In Competitive Cycling?

I am 15 and I want to get started in competative cycling. Is there any advise you can give me? I live in Chicago if that helps. Thanks!


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  1. Andy L

    hah I started a year ago when I was 15. Decide what kind of racing you want to do, I chose road. Brand names aren’t much helps since its not the brand you are buying so just go with a bike that is in your price range at a local bike store, dont buy those cheap deparment store bikes. Then find a club, I started off alone and it was really boring. I didn’t know much about road biking at the time so when I found a nearby cycling club it helped me a lot. Try finding one that isn’t too serious first since your beginning. Sometimes those really competitive adults start dropping you. I found a nice group that holds back and lets the beginners get a head start. Even with the head start they pass us up in no time xD. I have gotten a little bit better now though so I can keep up just a little.

  2. max k

    Pick what style riding you want, buy a good rig, then run a few compitions, then start calling for sponsorships.

  3. blah blah

    ive been having the same problem except i live in a tiny village of 400 so i cant find any 1 to ride with

  4. Bob A

    Get a bike, ride several hours a day.

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