Jul 28

How Do You Know When An Aquarium Is Finished Cycling?

I have one filter thats already cycled and another that is kinda (im using both) but im doing it again and put feces from my oscar fish in there and put fish food and algae discs and a media bag with peices of raw fish. Its been 2 days,and the feces and food are developing a clear coat around them. How will i know when its finished cycling?  And don’t feed them left over thai food.  The chilies have a devastating effect on them.


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  1. Nex

    When you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite (altho .05 is a trace amount) and some nitrate Its the filters that cycle, not the tank itself. So if you have one cycled filter the tank is cycled.

  2. Ianab

    If you have a cycled filter in there, then your tank has some cycle bacteria already. You may see a little ammonia and nitrite while things settle down, but by using teh cycled filter it should be quick. Look at the Nitrate level. When you see that rising, and the ammonia and nitrite are zero, then the tank has a working cycle. Levels of ALL zero don’t prove the tank is cycled, it could be clean tap water with no cycle. Seeing the nitrate level go up means there is some level of cycle working. Ian

  3. TheRav1n

    You need to test your water. At first you can tell you got it started as you will see ammonia. Eventually nitrite will show up and ammonia will start to drop. Then nitrate will make an appearance and nitrite will start to drop. You will know you are cycled when even though you add a source of ammonia you will get a reading of 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and some nitrate. Do a water change to get the nitrate down, and you are ready for fish. It take a month on average but can take even longer. With seeding from another tank, it can sometimes be done in a week or two! Only your water tests will tell you where you are at. More details:http://www.fishlore.com/NitrogenCycle.ht…

  4. GuppyBea

    Take that stuff out and test your water for ammonia and nitrates. Cycling usually takes a few weeks. EDIT: Okay, once your Nitrite levels spike and then decline, your tank should be cycled.

  5. Love big words

    24 hours

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