Jul 30

How Do You Get To The Route Under The Cycling Road In Pokemon Diamond?

I want to see the route under the cycling road, but I have no idea how to get there. Any help?


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  1. April

    First of all, make sure you have a pokemon that knows the HM cut. then (if you can) fly to Eterna city and go on the cycling road. once you reach the end go through the building. Once your out go up the first set of stairs and go right. you should see 2 trees that you can CUT down. cut them down simply by going up to the and pressing A. It will say “This tree looks like it can be cut down! Would you like to cut it?” and say yes. then the tree will dissapear and you can go on through!

  2. Jamie

    You should go from Eterna City not Route 207. After riding down the cycling road, you will see a building/room when you reach the end, go through it. On the right side, there will be two small trees blocking your way to Wayward Cave, cut it away to enter, there’s a lot of Bronzor, Kricketot, Zubat, Stunky, Ponyta and Kricketune along the way, they so irritating, make sure you bring repels. There Full Heal, Super Repel, Poison Barb, Rare Candy, Razz Berry X 2, Rawst Berry X 2, Escape Rope and TM32 Double Team hiding inside the cave and outside. Take your time to search carefully! Teach your pokemon TM70 Flash first(Obtainable by lower floor of Oreburgh Gate). A little girl is lost deep inside the Wayward Cave, she’s waiting to get out of the cave with you, and of course, she will be like Cheryl. This may be a good opportunity to trick out your weak and low level pokemon and earn them some experience points. The cave has Zubat, Bronzor and Geodude. Another entrance to the cave is located under cycling road. Just walk under the bridge on the left side, just side by side, and walk 3 steps and go up. You will be in B1F. But you have to wipe up the Canalave City Gym first because once you enter the hidden entrance, you will have to use HM04 Strength. Pokemon in BF1: Bronzor, Zubat and Gible.

  3. A Smart Guy

    you go to the end of the cycling road, go right an you will trees that you can cut down, cut those trees down to see under the cycling road. there is a cave a the end of the route, actually there are two caves, one is hidden under the cycling road, this slightly secret cave is were you catch gible.

  4. Insomany

    You should start at Enterna City and go to Cycling Road. When you reach the end you will come to a building, go in. When you come out look to your right, and you will see 2 trees. Cut them down and you will be on Route 206 and you will be able to go under Cycling Road.

  5. D H

    You go south on the cycling road with a pokemon that knows cut annd when you get to the end, you go to the scrawny tree and cut it down. Walk past it and you are there!

  6. Electro7

    Use cut at the end where the trees to the right are. Here there are two caves and lots of items… For ANY information you need go to http://serebii.net/

  7. Mathew S

    pokemon is really for nerds

  8. Ice Brand

    after the end of cycling road, you’ll see the tree in the right side, then use cut…

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