Jul 29

How Do I Start Cycling Competitively?

I am 16 years old and I love riding my road bike. I have very little cycling experience but it’s something I love to do. I live in Gilbert, Arizona witch is a suburb of Phoenix. Are there any cycling clubs I could get involved with in Arizona and does anyone have any tips for me on how to become a better cyclist. Thanks!!!  —SkiEnthusiast


  1. Dieter Schlabbersack

    There are several professional cycling clubs in Gilbert. However, you probably want to go to your local bike ride shop and ask about their group rides. There is a local bike shop called Global Bikes that has a meetup page. (Link below). They have all kinds of beginner to more advanced rides. If you are ever want to go on bicycle rides in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth) join the Wheelbrothers and we are more then happy to have you!

  2. James B

    I’m also 16 over in California starting to join a bike club – what you can do is either go to your local bike shop and ask them about teams or just google local ones, e.g. “Gilbert Arizona bike clubs”. What I like to do is every day during the weekdays go out on a 45 minute flat ride with a small hill here and there. Maintain about 65 percent effort level, make sure you don’t go crazy with the water. On these you should try and alternate between high-effort really cranking it out and just spinning in a lower gear combination. I also like to vary my hand positions – it helps your endurance a lot – usually I use the hoods, but then I’ll just hold the bars like a mountain bike, or hold the corners where the bars start to turn horizontally. On weekends, I’ll go for a 35-45 mile ride. Don’t do laps because they get boring – you’ll do much better if you can appreciate the scenery and go through places you’ve never been before. Try and avoid heavily-trafficked roads with stoplights. They tend to kill your momentum and the flow of the ride. If there are any big hills near you try one of those (then enjoy the descent) and then do some flat terrain with small rolling hills thrown in. For tips on ascents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRFNKhNhh… For descents, just go on youtube and search “cycling descents”. Watch how they lean and such. It wa useful for me. Also, if you haven’t already, invest in some spandex/cycling jerseys, and clip-in pedals. Will work wonders.

  3. John M

    Google cycling clubs for Gilbert Arizona, check with the local bike shops. Start out with an easy 10 min warm up and then pedal at 70-90 rpms in a gear that is fairly easy. You want to ride for a hour a day or more. Some days go out and climb hills or do sprints where you go as fast and long as you can. Once you recover repeat. Doing the same distance every day wont do much you need to keep extending the distance and ride at higher speeds. A cycling computer with cadence and a heart rate monitor are good tools to have. Spinning faster in an easier gear puts more work on the heart while pedaling slower and using a higher gear uses the legs more. You want to train both.http://www.bicycling.com/training-nutrit…http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=gsih…

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