Jul 25

How Do I Fix A Sawyers Rotomatic Slide Projector That Keeps Cycling?

My sawyer’s rotomatic slide projector keeps cycling on it’s own even if I unplug the remote. There’s a connection of some kind near the big slide switch gear that sparks every time it cycles. If we interrupt that it will stop. There’s a lot wrong with messing with that. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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  1. Cim Karsons

    hi jiminy that sounds annoying! the spark doesn’t sound too happy either! often the cycling problem is due to dirt building up inside the projector and clogging tiny micro switches.. i would suggest you try very carefully to open up the projector and clean any dust & gunge.. but unless you find the tiny switch in question you may need to turn to ebay… i like the old kodak machines the best.. the metal german machines S-AV are incredible – built like tanks good luck

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