Jul 27

How Do Get The Attention Of Two Boys Cycling Outside My House Right Now?

Its a really sunny day outside and i was cycling on my bike when i spotted my neighbour across the road, talking to another boy my age who is also my neighbour, with their bikes. I am pretty sure right now they are cycling around and i wanna make friends with them somehow…
I am so unconfident with boys and there is no way i can just cycle up to them…
What else can i do to get their attention?
Thanks x quick answers will be appreciated


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  1. Cycling Guy

    It sounds as if you have a bike, right? Hopefully you also wear a cycling helmet. Why not just ride over and ask if you could ride around with them for a bit. Stay in your neighborhood and be safe about it. Don’t let the boys teach you any dare devel bike stunts. If they start trying to show off, just sit back and watch. Don’t be surprised if they come back and ask you to ride some more. Cycling Guy. http://HowToTrainForCycling.com

  2. That Ramon gurl

    dont litterally hurt yoohrself, but fall down or something so they can see, if they are nice theyll ask yooh if they can help yooh up or something, dont make it really annoing dramatic, but make it kinda funny kinda hurt dramatic(: its always worked for me, i hope yooh are a girl…. but if yooh do, do this, ask them if theyd likee to hang out or something(:

  3. ZZZ

    Invite them in.

  4. oX.CoOkiE MoNsTeR.Xo

    just go over there and say hi and ask for their names and go on from their

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