Jul 31

How Can I Get Ripped Legs Through Road Cycling ?

I love road cycling and i was wondering how can i get big chunky calfs and huge quads from my cycling ? Is it short rides in a high gear, or what ?Thanks


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  1. SoccerRe

    Shaun Not from cycling. Go to the gym and push lead, do squats and leg presses. Cycling properly builds legs like runners. Long muscles designed for extended efforts. You can somewhat ride in a very hard gear at slow cadence. But it is really hard on your knees. Soccerref

  2. Betty B

    It would depend on the terrain (where you live). I can bike 100kms (62 miles) on flat terrain like in Holland (they don’t even need more than one gear there), and won’t get “huge quads” (thank goodness as I’m a woman and do not want big thighs). Now if you live in the mountains and have to go uphill (still using low gear as you don’t want to hurt your joints, specifically your knees), you’ll get more muscle definition. Then you go downhill in high gear. As with any sports, people doing those sports usually go to the gym to use gym weight machines to get more muscle strength to improve their performance in their sports. People wanting “huge quads” and “chunky calves” usually stay at the gym and exercise for bulking. Big huge guys are not rock climbers, cyclists, runners or going down a river in a kayak…they’re at the gym, bulking up with numerous sets, increasing weights and lowering reps as they go.

  3. .

    You love road cycling. That’s a good start right there. as you do it for fun not just to try and stay fit. Higher gears do help, yes. try to build enough endurance so you can be on the saddle while going up a hill. If you want to keep your stamina up you will have to ride more than once a week like I do. The endurance and leg muscles kind of go hand in hand. frequent more intense rides will probably help more with endurance. while longer more paced rides tend to help more with building muscle

  4. John M

    You will never get huge legs from cycling it’s a cardiovascular exercise.

  5. ☼wle☆atl

    won;t happen go to the gym wle

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