Jul 28

Cycling To Work: How To You Handle Work Clothes?

I’m considering cycling to work, but I have to wear smart clothes. I know I’ll break out into a sweat cycling, so I can’t wear my work clothes while I’m cycling in, but if I have my work clothes in a rucksack they’ll get crumpled. How can I keep my clothes smart for getting changed into them at work?


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  1. John B

    When I cycled to work had a locker to keep my clothes in. There were no showers, but there was a room I could use to have a wash down, and a liberal spay of deodorant seemed to do the trick. I used to drive some days, and cycle the others, so I could keep a supply of fresh clothes at the office. If you can’t do this try to get some clothes that won’t crease easily, and fold or roll them. A pannier might be better to carry them in, and any creases should fall out quickly after you put them on.

  2. Markus Imhof

    First, try to get/find a locker at work where you can keep your clothes. Then, check the outdoor outfitters for packing solutions. There may be two possibilities: – Eagle Creek pack-it folders ( http://www.eaglecreek.com/packing_soluti… ), they are supposed to keep clothes wrinkle-free when you pack them according to their instructions (never needed to try those myself) – Ortlieb Shuttle ( http://www.bikebagshop.com/ortlieb-shutt… – currently not available as new, you’ll have to look around): that is essentially a rack (or backpack) mountable hardshell luggage. Neither cheap nor lightweight, though.

  3. Dennis F

    Iw would be great if your work has showers to clean up and change before work. Drive one day a week and take enough clothes for the rest of week. If you need to pack clothes in back pack, ROLL them instead of folding. Less wrinkles and pack smaller. Keep towels, hygeine products, shoes at work. The less you have to carry the better.

  4. Parsley

    Pack a spare deodorant or shower at work. Take work clothes in backpack or wear a plastic shell suit/trousers over work clothes. You can buy these at a camping gear shop.

  5. John M

    If you have a place to keep your clothes at work keep a few days supply there and ride the rest of the week.

  6. JAMES G

    change cloths when you get to work

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