Professional road racing could feature promotion and relegation as part of a new three-tier league system proposed by world governing body, the UCI.

The WorldTour would be scrapped in favour of a 16-team first department which would race across 120 days.

An eight-team second tier would then race over fifty days while a lower tier will be made up of regional divisions.

The particular reforms will be considered for approval in January and if given the go-ahead would be introduced from 2015.

In a newsletter published by UCI, the proposals – which may be fully in place by 2020 – were described as having the ability to cause a “profound and decisive change” in the organisation of professional biking.

Newly elected UCI president Brian Cookson said the elite road race calendar needed to be remodeled to enhance the sport globally.

In the same ‘Sport and Technical’ e-newsletter, Cookson said: “In order to restore confidence in the UCI and promote cycling all around the world, we have to change the way in which anti-doping procedures are handled, restructure elite road cycling, develop women’s cycling and reinforce our own position and influence, in particular inside the Olympic Movement.

“These are immense tasks and work on them has started already. “