Aug 01

Can Someone Explain Cycling A Fish Tank?

I get the just, I would just like to know a lot about it before I harm a fish. Thanks. And I have tried asking 3 other times but no one is answering with what I need. Just explain cycling a fish tank please. Someone has already been so incredibly rude to me about it that I’m crying.


  1. TheRav1n

    Cycling is simply a term that refers to growing the biological filter aka beneficial bacteria that converts toxic fish waste to less toxic forms that can be easily managed with water changes. The term is short for the “nitrogen cycle.” Basic simple diagram: http://www.ocreef.com/images/articles/la… Basically, fish produce ammonia (NH4). Bacteria takes the ammonia and converts it to nitrite (NO3). Still more bacteria turns it to Nitrate (NO4). Ammonia and nitrite are highly toxic to fish, nitrate is less toxic. Thus the tank is “cycled” by adding ammonia to grow the bacteria until eventually even though you add ammonia the bacteria quickly converts it all to nitrate which can be controlled by plants and water changes. You can cycle a tank with fish (the fish produce the ammonia) or fishless (you add the ammonia). With fish is stressful to the fish in the system and has other problems. Fishless is the preferred method, and is faster overall, but the tank is “empty” with no fish in it through the cycle. Here are steps and explanations of the two cycle methods, plus more details: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/fi…

  2. noseless

    water from the tap is clean for drinking, but not good for fish to live in because healthy bacteria is removed. so to make your tank a good environment for fish you need to cycle it. 1.Set it up with the filter, and heater if it is a tropical tank. Add dechlorinating water conditioner. 2.Now you need a source of ammonia, “fishfood, grocery store shrimp, grubby gravel from another tank, live or dead fish” Fishless cycling is best as it doesn’t harm any live animals for no reason! 3. soon after ammonia is in a tank with a filter, healthy bacteria will start to form in the filter. Eventually there will be enough of these bacteria to turn the ammoni into nitrite. But nitrite is toxi too, so new bacteria form and turn nitrite into nitrate, than you just need to = not over feed, not overstock, keep up with weekly water changes, don’t overclean and kill the healthy bacteria” but keep nitrates near or under 20.http://www.fishlore.com/NitrogenCycle.ht… Sorry to say this, but your tank is too small for fish, and it is very unlikely that it will ever be a stable environment with a cycled filter for any amount of fish. guppies need no less than 10 gallons.

  3. Red

    ok the basic idea is that good bacteria needs to establish in your filter and the ph and nitrate levels in the water need to become stable. You can do this by running the filter for a 4-6 weeks or add some quick start cycling chemicals and wait a week or two. Buy testing strips and test the water making sure all the parameters are correct. http://freshwater-aquariums.yoexpert.com…

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